Oh, how time really does fly!

Oh, how time really does fly! My last blog dates from a year ago, and now, I’m getting ready for the summerexhibition of 2018; just like every summer, you will be able to visit the Vrijthof Theatre and see my newest paintings there. The dates from this exhibition are 4-8, 12-15 and 19-22 July, and of course, the admission is free. It would be great to meet eachother.

Meanwhile, a lot has happened. In the month of March, I had a marvellous and succesful exhibition in the beautiful, cosy hotel La Butte aux Bois in Lanaken (Belgium). Hereby, I was allowed to give a short art historical story about Romantic art and especially Caspar David Friedrich on the famous TEFAF. I would like to thank the people, who gave me this wonderful opportunity, once again.

During the past springtime, I stayed in Tuscany, one of the most outstanding regions in Europe, for a while. Obviously, I spent several days in the heaven of western art, the beautiful city of Florence. I can hardly think of any other place, that inspires so much as “good old Firenze”! In case you’ve never been to Florence before, I honestly recommend this town; don’t forget to visit the Uffizi Museum and to make a nice stroll alongside the Arno river in the evening.

In the meantime, I’m counting the days; I’m quite busy preparing the last details, there is a nice poster at the printing company and I’m trying to make everything look perfect. There is just one more thing left to say: I hope to see and meet you on one of the days during my exhibition in Maastricht, which can be visited from 12.00h until 17.00h. I will be there as well, see you soon!